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Often imitated but never duplicated, Zoap is a cannabis flower strain so popular it even has its own Instagram page. It was created by DEO Farms in Oakland, California, and has won awards including the “Best Overall” trophy at the Zalympix Championship 2022

Is Zoap Indica or Sativa?

According to Allbud, Zoap is a truly balanced hybrid split 50/50 between Indica and Sativa lineage. This makes it a highly versatile strain suitable for active daytime and relaxing evening sessions.

More Zoap Strain Characteristics

Here’s what you need to know before lighting up a bowl, bong, or joint of Zoap strain cannabis.


Per Weedmaps, Zoap results from a crossing of Rainbow Sherbet and Pink Guava cultivars. Rainbow Sherbet is itself an evenly balanced hybrid, produced by mixing Champagne and Blackberry. Pink Guava is also a balanced to slightly sativa-leaning hybrid with origins in Nepali Pink and Guava strains.


Zoap buds appear dense and dark green when properly grown and cured, with Allbud noting subtle purplish hues, amber hairs, and frosty, purple-tined trichomes.


Among the typical aromas of Zoap is a floral essence that reminds many of a pleasant soap, part of the reason it earned its name, per Leafly. Others have described the smell as containing notes of fresh cherries, citrus, and earthiness.


Most smokers describe the flavor of Zoap as citrus- and berry-heavy, like those who reviewed it on Weedmaps. This creates a delightfully sweet and sour combination that persists on the exhale, along with earthy notes. According to Leafly, the subtly floral or soapy flavor also typically comes through, though not in an overwhelming or unpleasant way.


The spicy, peppery caryophyllene is the dominant terpene found in Zoap, per Leafly, which is noted for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving benefits. There are also significant amounts of limonene, a lemony terpene that has anti-depressant and anti-anxiety qualities. Humulene rounds out the Zoap terpene mix with anti-bacterial and appetite-suppressing effects, complemented by a hoppy, classically “weedy” smell.

Effects: how will Zoap make me feel?

While cannabis has different effects for everyone, Zoap smokers tend to have a few common effects. According to Weedmaps, users report feeling creative and euphoric, typical of the balanced to sativa-leaning heritage. Others report a significant case of the munchies, so it’s best to have a few snacks ready. Allbud found smokers were “unfocused and giggly” but still able to socialize. Mild but not overwhelming sedative effects make it perfect for relaxing without needing to call it a night.

Strains like Zoap

Those looking for similar strains to Zoap should explore the evenly balanced hybrids available at dispensaries. Leafly recommends Cake Crasher and Point Break, both of which share a similar terpene mix and THC level. GMO Cookies offer a higher-THC alternative, while Duct Tape shifts the dominant terpene to limonene.

Where to Buy Zoap in Massachusetts

Fortunately for those looking to try Zoap and others who can’t wait to pick up more, the strain is available in many dispensaries around Massachusetts. These span the state geographically and are located in big towns and small, so nearly anywhere cannabis can be bought, you’re likely to find Zoap nearby.

Buy Zoap Strain or Similar Strains at Green Choice

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