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Set Hearts Ablaze with Cannabis for Valentine’s Day in Blackstone, MA

Celebrating Valentine's Day with Cannabis in Blackstone, MA

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, have you tracked down the gift that shows your love yet? If not, don’t forget that Valentines Day cannabis gifts can bring out the blazing hearts on the day made just for lovers. Check out some great picks below, sure to leave your lover with stars and hearts in their eyes, as well as some recommendations for picking the best weed for Lover’s Day outings.

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Top Valentines Day Cannabis Gifts

1. Present a Bouquet of the Finest Flower, of Course!

At Green Choice, we’ve got a collection of the best cannabis flower in Massachusetts, including several craft cannabis strains that are hard to find elsewhere. This year make sure you get them high on love with a bouquet of cannabis flower buds instead of roses.

2. Gift the Perfect Duo: 1906 Love and Bliss Drops

There’s no better way to show someone you care for Valentine’s Day than by gifting them at least one tin of 1906 Drops. In fact, show them you love them twice as much with two tins: 1906 Love and Bliss drops. Love Drops are formulated with herbal ingredients known to support intimacy, while Bliss Drops are formulated for bubbly happiness and full-body relaxation.

1906 Love Drops Product Image

3. Go for Cannabis-Infused Chocolate

Forget the usual box of chocolates with questionable filling and go for chocolates you know are filled with the good stuff! A few good choices? A Bountiful Farms Chocolate Covered Strawberry Bar is bound to make any lover smile. And the COAST Cannabis Cranberry Dark Chocolate bar with CBN, THC, and THC is a true treat.

4. Give Them a New Reason to Love You with Premium Concentrates

Live resin and live rosin are often considered the cream of the crop when it comes to cannabis concentrates. So, if your significant other is worthy of only the finest, be sure to slap a small bow on a gram of something like Grape Cream Cake Live Rosin from Harbor House Collective.

Harbor House Collective Grape Cream Cake Live Rosin Full Spec Cold Cure Product Image

What Is the Best Cannabis for Date Night on Valentine’s Day?

Whether you’re taking your long-time partner out for a night on the town or simply looking to soothe the pre-date jitters with a new love interest, cannabis can help. The key is to match the product with the type of experience you’re looking to have. When it comes to weed for dates, consider a few things first:

  • Are you looking for something you can try together? If so, what kind of effects sound fun?
  • Are you looking for something to calm your nerves so that you can have a good date?
  • Will you be hanging out at home or out and about? What kind of activities do you have planned?

If the goal is to find a cannabis flower or product to try together, consider what kind of experience you would both prefer. For example, if you’re looking to enhance intimacy, some sources claim Kush strains are good for sexual anxiety. Likewise, some strains like Wedding Cake and Gelato may be good for a libido boost.

Also, consider the potency of what you pick. Some of the more potent strains and products may leave you feeling more dazed and confused than engaged and amused. That’s likely not going to fly when you’re out on a date. Unless both of you are into that, and if that happens to be the case, then go for it!

Awesome Weed Strains for a Fun Date Night

Looking for the perfect strain to try with your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day? Check out a few recommendations from our dispensary menu:

  • Zweet OG from Happy Valley – An acridly sweet strain with exceptional potency and a reputation for leaving you philosophical
  • Aspen Dreamz from Good Chemistry Nurseries – A Sativa strain that leaves you relaxed but energized and ready to have fun
  • Papaya Slapper from Bountiful Farms – An Indica-leaning hybrid that sets the stage for loads of laughs and good times only
  • Slurty3 by Harbor House Collective – A potent hybrid that leaves you feeling uplifted and chatty
  • Butterstuff from High Ledges – A rich, thick-flavored hybrid cultivar that soothes the mind and leaves you feeling creative and energetic

Start Planning for Valentine’s Day with the Green Choice Cannabis Dispensary

As you make all the big plans for elevating the love factor this Valentine’s Day, be sure to swing by and see us at Green Choice Cannabis. In a rush? Take a look at our menu, where you can order ahead.

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