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Trop Cherry

It’s a cannabis strain known by many names – Trop Cherry, Cherry Trop, Tropicana Cherry – but they all share the desirable effects that make Trop Cherry a popular strain for cannabis consumers everywhere.

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Is Trop Cherry Indica or Sativa?

Trop Cherry is a sativa-leaning hybrid strain. Per Allbuds, the split is roughly 60/40 in favor of sativa characteristics versus indica.

More Trop Cherry Strain Characteristics

What should tokers expect when they take their first puffs of Trop Cherry? Here’s what you need to know about the strain.


The excellent quality of the Trop Cherry strain comes in part from the top-tier cultivars that make up its heritage. It was first bred by Relentless Genetics, a group of Colorado growers also known for strains like Rozay and Queen of the South. According to Leafly, it was created by crossing Cherry Cookies with Tropicana Cookies, the latter a product of breeding GSC and Tangie.


Tropicana Cherry strain plants typically produce dark green buds with notes of purple, per Weedmaps. Light amber hairs and frosty white trichomes are also characteristic of the cultivar. According to Hytiva, buds are dense and medium to slightly larger than average.


Aroma is one place where Trop Cherry truly shines. Most users pick up fruity, citrusy, and tropical notes from the buds, with Leafly getting “dank tangerines and cherry,” while Hytiva senses pineapple, mango, and passionfruit. Meanwhile, Weedmaps picked up a “diesel overtone accented by sweet earthy herbs.”


In most cases, tokers say they pick up flavors from Trop Cherry similar to its aromas. Usually, they describe it as fruity or sweet and sour, with a citrus element that Hytiva describes as “refreshing and crisp.”


Per Leafly, Trop Cherry’s terpene profile is defined by high amounts of caryophyllene, known for its peppery smell and flavor. Its benefits include anti-inflammatory and anti-depressant effects, along with digestive support. The strain also typically has significant amounts of limonene, a lemony terpene with a variety of effects, including immunostimulant ones, and the woodsy pinene, an energy booster that also aids memory.

Effects: how will Trop Cherry make me feel?

Thanks to its sativa-leaning heritage, Trop Cherry users generally experience an uplifting, energized, active high. Some reviewers consider it a good choice for daytime sessions, with Leafly calling it “functional” while Hytiva reported “invigorating effects” and euphoria. Weedmaps says it provides a “balanced and calming lift.”

Strains like Trop Cherry

Those looking for similar experiences to Trop Cherry will find them in strains like G13 Haze, which shares a similar terpene profile and THC level, per Leafly. LSD and Blueberry Haze also provide similar effects and THC levels, though they have more of the terpene myrcene, known for its anti-inflammatory and muscle-relaxant properties.

Where to Buy Trop Cherry in Massachusetts

Fortunately for active cannabis lovers throughout the Bay State, Trop Cherry is available at many different Massachusetts dispensaries. It’s most commonly found in the Boston metro area, thanks to the higher concentration of cannabis stores. However, cannabis lovers can also find dispensaries stocking it in smaller cities and towns throughout the Commonwealth.

Buy Trop Cherry at Green Choice

When it comes to cannabis shopping in Southern Massachusetts, there’s no better place to go to grab Trop Cherry and other favorites than Green Choice in Blackstone, MA. Buyers can browse a vast selection of flower, edibles, concentrates, vapes, and much more, served up by friendly and experienced budtenders. It’s a hip, high-end weed shopping experience that other local spots simply can’t match.

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