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Tower Three

Tower Three cannabis is a family-owned marijuana grower based out of Taunton, MA. After years of work, the company launched with a state-of-the-art facility in 2022, producing some of the Bay State’s best cannabis in the years since.

Tower Three promotes its “Signature Process” that it promises produces the best cannabis on the Massachusetts market. This starts with obtaining premium genetics from the industry’s best breeders and raising plants in carefully constructed living organic soil supplemented with the ideal nutrient mix. It all takes place under careful sensor-operated environmental control with multiple temperature zones. It’s then carefully trimmed, dried, and cured according to Tower Three’s craft techniques. The result is all-natural cannabis free from chemicals or pesticides, packed with desirable terpenes and THC.

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Tower Three:

Product Line

Tower Three offers a unique mix of flower strains, from energizing, stimulating sativas to relaxing, sedative indicas. Some of the ten current choices include:

Death by Lemons: A Sativa with 14% TAC, known for cerebral, euphoric highs

Kush Mints: A potent hybrid with 34% TAC, Kush Mints offers a well-balanced experience and relief from chronic pain, depression, or nausea.

Knights Templar OG: This 32% TAC Indica with very relaxing effects

White Truffle: A 30% TAC Indica-dominant hybrid that provides a clear-headed, energetic buzz mixed with relief for a wide range of symptoms like joint pain, ADD/ADHD, and anxiety.

Don’t miss out on other Tower Three cannabis options either, like Dosido, Half Pint, Donny Burger, and more. Tower Three provides extensive details about each strain on its website, including the most common terpenes, the breeder, and genetic heritage. In addition, buyers can also find this premium bud in convenient pre-rolls of up to a gram or more in singles or multi-packs.

Tower Three Review

Reviews of Tower Three are positive, with many users marveling at the quality of the flower. On Reddit, one user raved about Half Pint, calling it “amazing, by far the best I’ve had in years.” A Leaf Magazine review of Half Pint declared, “every aspect of this strain is enjoyable to experience.” Another praised Dosido as providing “pure relaxation, no anxiety” and “some of the best-looking bud” in the state.

Where to Buy Tower Three in Massachusetts

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Fans of Tower Three’s top-quality flower will be thrilled to learn it’s likely available at a dispensary close to their homes. Dozens of cannabis retailers sell Tower Three products, ranging from the New York border to the tip of Cape Cod. The Boston area has the most dispensaries stocking Tower Three, followed by Worcester. However, there are plenty of small-town options as well.

Buy Tower Three at Green Choice

Don’t do your Tower Three weed shopping just anywhere – head to Green Choice in Blackstone, MA. This craft cannabis dispensary located on scenic Main Street offers an incredible selection and value for Tower Three and other marijuana products, from concentrates and vapes to edibles and tinctures. Stop in today to talk to our friendly and experienced budtenders, who’ll hook you up with the best Tower Three and Green Choice have to offer.

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