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The Cure Company

The Cure Company is a fast-growing cannabis producer putting down roots in the Bay State. These highly skilled and innovative growers have been producing marijuana for decades, helping them zero in on the best and most effective techniques to raise the many unique strains they’re known for.

The Cure Company:

Product Line

The Cure Company offers a variety of top cannabis products, including The Cure and The Originals:

Flower: Flower is where The Cure Company truly shines as a cannabis producer. With the help of a sophisticated, intricate breeding process, they create top-tier indoor flower from famous genetics like Marathon OG, Jack Herer, Gelato, Alien OG, Skywalker, OG, and dozens more. Each is carefully grown and cured to bring out the best unique characteristics and cannabinoid/terpene mix. Convenient pre-rolls are also available, allowing tokers to take their favorite flower strains on the go or share them with their favorite smoking buddies.

Vaporizers: Another convenient, discreet, and highly effective choice from The Cure Company is the selection of vaporizers and vape cartridges. These one-gram carts and disposable vaporizers include only the highest-end cannabis oil processed from Cure’s own carefully grown flower. Compatible with any 510-thread vape, they’re a perfect choice for those looking for a low-key puff without sacrificing the effects they’re looking for.

Concentrates: Those looking to boost their session to another level can grab one of The Cure Company’s high-test THC concentrates. Available in forms like diamonds, sugar, and sauce, these products refine Cure’s marijuana into highly potent products that are perfect for a dab rig or amping up a bowl or joint.

The Cure Company even offers topicals with a Regenerate Balm that warms the skin and provides targeted relief for pain and discomfort.

The Cure Company Review

Any questions about The Cure Company’s quality can be answered by reading some of the rave reviews. A High Times reviewer who tried the company’s Cannabis Cup award-winning Curelato strain (its take on Gelato) said it “hits on all the marks that I look for” in flower and praised its long history of consistent quality. Meanwhile, on Reddit, a reviewer summed up their experience with various Cure products as “a great smoke, super terpy and delicious all around.”

Green Choice

Where to Buy The Cure Company in Massachusetts

Those who live in California may be lucky enough to shop at Cure’s own dispensaries, but Massachusetts residents have plenty of spots to pick up their favorites, too. A variety of Bay State dispensaries stock some of The Cure Company’s vast selection, ranging from the Boston suburbs and larger cities throughout Massachusetts to small towns on the Cape, in Western Massachusetts, and elsewhere.

Buy The Cure Company at Green Choice

But those in Southern Massachusetts won’t have to go far for one of the state’s best Cure Company sellers. It’s Green Choice, located on Main Street in Blackstone, MA. This top-tier dispensary combines a vast selection of high-end cannabis products with friendly, knowledgeable service and great deals. There’s no better place to shop for your favorite Cure Company products.

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