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Lazy River is a cannabis grower and producer based in Dracut, MA. Through careful vertical integration, Lazy River controls the entirety of its cannabis process, from growth to sale. The result is small-batch, craft-quality products that live up to their goal of being the Commonwealth’s top cannabis company.

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No matter how you enjoy cannabis, there’s likely an option for you among the extensive and diverse selection of Lazy River weed products.

Flower: Lazy River cannabis starts with an incredible mix of expertly grown, carefully cured flower. Dozens of unique cultivars are available, ranging from mentally stimulating sativas perfect for socializing or getting work done to relaxing indicas ideal for chilling out, pain relief, or getting some sleep.

Prerolls: Lazy River prerolls are the most convenient way to enjoy this top-tier flower. They’re available in half- and full-gram sizes, as well as single or multi-packs. There are even infused prerolls crafted with potent concentrates, perfect for those seeking an extra uplift for their session.

Vaporizers: Discreet and effective, Lazy River vape produces both distillate and live rosin vape cartridges and pods. These preserve the unique flavors, terpene profiles, and other aspects of the strains or blends they’re derived from. Lazy River also offers its own disposable all-in-one vapes, perfect for on-the-go vaping or casual cannabis users.

Concentrates: Concentrates are a perfect choice among Lazy River products for experienced users with high tolerances or those looking for extra-potent sessions. This diverse category covers forms like kief, rosin, hash, badder, and RSO. Typically sold in half- and full-gram packs, these premium items go a long way, even for regular users.

Edibles: Lazy River edibles offer something for every craving, from traditional items like gummies and chocolate to frozen treats, drinks, and even home baking kits. Cannabis has never tasted this good – especially with these kinds of effects.

Tinctures and Topicals: Tinctures offer an easy way to enjoy the effects of Lazy River weed in nearly any form, or even just conveniently dropped in the mouth. Meanwhile, Lazy River topicals offer a more wellness-focused approach to cannabis, with creams that provide the healing effects of THC and other cannabinoids in a direct, easy-to-use form.

Lazy River Products Review

Lazy River Products is highly rated on Leafly, with many customers praising the selection and quality of the products. Reviewers on Reddit were also complimentary. Some called the flower “beautiful,” while others praised the deals often available on the brand’s products.

Where to Buy Lazy River Products in Massachusetts

Green Choice

In addition to Lazy River’s Dracut dispensary, the company’s offerings are also available at a number of other dispensaries around the Bay State. These span nearly every corner of Massachusetts, with the most located in the Boston area and around larger cities.

Buy Lazy River Products at Green Choice

But all Massachusetts dispensaries aren’t created equal. For those in southern Massachusetts, there’s no better choice than Green Choice in Blackstone, MA. This sleek, modern dispensary offers many different Lazy River products, among a vast mix of other brands and accessories. Plus, shoppers can rely on Green Choice’s friendly, skilled budtenders, who provide perfect recommendations and prompt service. Stop in today to learn by Green Choice is the new favorite of so many cannabis lovers.

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