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Coast Cannabis Co.

Coast Cannabis Co. is one of Massachusetts’ premier cannabis companies, owned and operated by lifelong Massachusetts residents with a mission to “make feeling good feel good.” As a result, all Coast edibles and other products contain no artificial dyes or colorings and only fair-trade, artisanal, ethically grown natural ingredients. Coast Cannabis also takes care of its namesake waterways, helping clean the coastline and working with local charities to protect water environments.

Coast Cannabis Co.

Product Line

Coast Cannabis focuses on two major categories of high-end products: edibles and vaporizers.

Coast Cannabis Chocolate Bars: These decadently delicious edibles are available in a mix of different styles and flavor profiles. These include milk chocolate varieties like s’mores, peanut butter crunch, almond/coconut/sea salt, and dark chocolate raspberry, dark chocolate sea salt, and 1:1 THC/CBD varieties. Even white chocolate fans have plenty of options, like birthday cake, key lime pie, cookies and cream, and berries and cream.

Coast Cannabis Infused Gummies: No matter what flavor you’re craving, there’s likely a Coast Cannabis gummy to satisfy it. Choices include wildberry, mango, sour watermelon, raspberry lime, tangerine, cranberry pomegranate, cherry, boysenberry, tropical punch, strawberry guava, and lemon lime. In addition to traditional THC gummies, some varieties offer blends with CBD, THCV, CBG, CBN, and CBC, among other cannabinoids. There are even live rosin gummies for those looking to enjoy the full terpene experience of flower in gummy form.

Coast Cannabis Vaporizers: These pure cannabis oil vape cartridges are derived from single strains without any additives or fillers. They’re paired with cutting-edge hardware that enables the perfect cannabis experience on-demand, wherever you may be. Available in Sativa, Indica, and hybrid strains, they’re a discreet, premium cannabis product for those looking to improve on the typical vape experience.

Coast Cannabis Co. Review

Those wondering about the quality of Coast Cannabis can check the many glowing reviews. On Reddit, one user called the chocolate bars “out of this world.” Meanwhile, Youtuber RespectMyRegion gave high marks to a mix of Coast Cannabis products he tried, including the white chocolate bars.

Where to Buy Coast Cannabis Co. in Massachusetts

Green Choice

Fortunately, those looking to try out Coast Cannabis or restock on their favorites likely won’t have to go far. Coast Cannabis is available at more than 170 locations throughout the Bay State, ranging from the tip of Cape Cod to the western border with New York. While the largest number of dispensaries stocking Coast Cannabis can be found near Boston and other larger cities, plenty of smaller towns like Uxbridge also enjoy quick access to Coast Cannabis at their local spot.

Buy Coast Cannabis Co. at Green Choice

For those in Southern Massachusetts, there’s no better choice for shopping the best Coast Cannabis has to offer than Green Choice in Blackstone, MA. Along with top Coast gummies and vapes, buyers can shop a huge selection of cannabis flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, topicals, tinctures, CBD products, and much more, all served up by skilled and friendly budtenders. Stop in to this hip, modern dispensary, conveniently located on Main Street Blackstone today and see how your cannabis experience will change for the better.

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