Feb 22, 2024

Green Choice in the Community

Green Choice in the Community

Have you heard the news? Green Choice Dispensary was recently welcomed to the community by the Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce (BVCC) during a ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the momentous occasion. And we couldn’t be more thrilled to be a valuable part of the Blackstone, MA community!

While we are undeniably focused on providing everyone with the best cannabis in the state, one of our other missions is to be a valued component in the local community. We plan to give back and do our part in as many ways as we can. For that reason, we have joined forces with the Blackstone Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce.

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How Our Partnership with the BVCC in Blackstone, MA Makes a Difference

Providing Jobs for Disadvantaged Youth

Disadvantaged youth is a main area of focus for our dispensary when it comes to helping the community. Likewise, the BVCC works hard to support disadvantaged youth as much as possible. By working together as a team, we will join forces to bring even more opportunities to these young people who may not always have an easy path to success as adults.

Finding Employment for Those Recently Incarcerated

Individuals who have been incarcerated often face severe stumbling blocks when it comes to rebuilding their lives. One of those stumbling blocks is finding an employer willing to give them a chance despite their incarceration. Our partnership with the BVCC will allow us to get involved in helping these individuals get back on the right path and find a job for financial self-support.

Contracting with Local Tech School for Rolling Tray Production

Our custom-branded Green Choice Cannabis metal rolling trays are some of the most sought-after merchandise accessories in our dispensaries, as the trays are sleek and well-made. Instead of outsourcing the production of these rolling trays out of the community to a company no one knows, we have contracted with a local tech school for manufacturing. This means our orders help provide aspiring job-seekers and tech school students with hands-on training they can take with them to the workforce later on.

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Shop at a Blackstone, MA Dispensary Making a Difference

At Green Choice, we set out on a mission when we entered the cannabis industry to truly make a difference in our community. Our partnership with the Blackstone Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce is just one way we plan to fulfill our mission. If you are looking to shop for some of the finest cannabis around and show support for the community at the same time, be sure to stop by our new Blackstone, MA dispensary. In a rush? Don’t forget you can browse our menu online and place orders for quick pick-up.

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