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What is Craft Cannabis? Best Craft Cannabis Selection in MA

Craft Cannabis in Massachusetts

If you’ve been around, asking for the best cannabis in Massachusetts, chances are, a familiar bud has brought up craft cannabis. While the phrase gets tossed about a lot, in reality, the true definition of craft cannabis is not always well understood. Some refer to any flower that’s high-quality or top-shelf as “craft” weed, but craft cannabis is actually a verifiable type of product. Take a look at what craft cannabis is, how to find it, and a few top craft brands in MA.

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So, what is craft cannabis exactly?

Craft cannabis refers to cannabis flower that is cultivated and produced by smaller, independent, and often artisanal growers. Unlike mass-produced cannabis from large-scale commercial or multi-state operations, craft cannabis emphasizes quality, unique strains, and meticulous cultivation practices.

Craft cultivators also typically focus on small batches. In other words, these brands don’t always produce large yields of the same strains or high volumes of the same cannabis products. This allows for more attention to detail in terms of growing conditions, genetics, harvesting, and curing processes with flower. This in-depth, small-batch approach often results in cannabis flower with distinct terpene profiles, aromas, and effects.

Plus, other cannabis products made from craft cannabis carry many of the desirable attributes of well-tended plants. For example, a batch of live resin from a craft cannabis brand can be some of the best cannabis concentrate money can buy.

Why People Love Craft Cannabis Products

A lot of people will tell you that craft cannabis feels more personalized and the experience more authentic and reliable. Plus, craft brands often offer elite strains and hard-to-source products on a limited basis. The brands also usually have a reputation for taking a sustainable approach to cultivation. Therefore, products from brands known to produce craft-level cannabis are exceptionally appealing to consumers who prioritize high-quality bud and locally sourced cannabis products.

How to Find Craft Cannabis in Massachusetts

Craft cannabis brands in MA are generally easy to track down, even though these brands may not have widespread distribution for all of their products because of the focus on small batches. If you’re looking to get your hands on high-quality craft bud or otherwise, a few ways to do just that include:

  • Looking for a craft cannabis dispensary that specializes in partnering with craft and artisanal brands like Green Choice
  • Doing a bit of research to track down craft brands in Massachusetts and where those products are sold
  • Asking around—there’s an entire community of cannabis enthusiasts that follow only craft brands and love to share their experiences

Check Out Some of the Best Craft Cannabis in MA

1. Berkshire Roots

Berkshire Roots is one of the most recognized cannabis brands in the state of Massachusetts. However, this Bay State-born brand is also one of the state’s largest craft cannabis providers. The brand grows award-winning cannabis flower right in the high hills of the Berkshires where the high elevation contributes to the quality of every harvested bud. In addition to cannabis flower, Berkshire Roots creates concentrates, cannabis vapes, topicals, and a full collection of other cannabis products.

2. Impressed Cannabis

Impressed is a family-owned brand in Hanson, MA that focuses on growing artisanal-quality cannabis. The brand puts a lot of work into tracking down plants with the best possible genetics from top breeders. Therefore, they offer a collection of familiar favorite strains like Garlic Breath and Apples & Bananas, as well as new cultivars with respectable attributes and flavor profiles.

3. Bountiful Farms Cannabis

Bountiful Farms goes above and beyond with every cannabis product they grow or produce. With an excellent library of strains like Headphone Jam and Sour Power OG, Bountiful Farms provides an eclectic mix of craft cannabis to suit any customer. Each strain provided is picked specifically for its clear genetics, attractive terpene profile, and overall effects.

Craft Cannabis in Massachusetts

Explore the Best Craft Cannabis Selection in MA at Green Choice Cannabis

Looking for a craft cannabis dispensary with one of the finest selections of craft cannabis in the state? We’ve got you covered at Green Choice Cannabis. We set out on a mission to do cannabis differently, which means we only allow the highest-quality products to grace our shelves. In a lot of cases, this means we lean toward craft cultivators that focus insane amounts of effort on growing premium, small-batch, craft cannabis. Be sure to check out our full menu to see our impressive collection.

Shop the Top Craft Cannabis in Massachusetts

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