Jan 19, 2024

$30 Eighths ($30 Dubs) for Sale in Massachusetts

$20 Eighths ($20 Dubs) for Sale in Massachusetts

Trying to find cheap dubs in Massachusetts? You know we’ve got you covered when you’re shopping for good green on a tight budget at Green Choice Cannabis. We totally get it—when you love good weed, the costs can add up, so being a savvy shopper is important. Take a look at all the details you will need to know about finding $30 eighths and cheap dubs in MA below.

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Check Out the Value Eighths in MA at Green Choice

At Green Choice, we love offering customers a good deal. So we occasionally offer dubs at close to just $30. Not to mention, we have one of the finest collections of cannabis in Massachusetts from brands like Bountiful Farms, MAC, and Good Chemistries Nurseries. We focus on partnering with brands that have elite craft cannabis strains, as well as strains that are tried-and-true favorites we all know and love.

A few options you will see on the green choice menu near the $30 price point include:

  • Papaya Slapper – A hybrid, fruity-flavored strain with a mid-THC level and the ability to pick up any low-mood
  • Mac & Cheese – A cheesy hybrid that leaves you feeling relaxed and focused with a twinge of euphoric uplift
  • Jolly Green Giant – A hard-hitting Indica that leaves you relaxed and ready to get the best sleep of your life
  • Pina Grande – An uplifting Sativa with a pineapple note and a tendency to energize the mind while soothing the body
  • Runtz Your Face Off – A candy-flavored hybrid with loads of sweetness, giggly nature, and a likelihood of making everything taste amazing

Bountiful Farms Papaya Slapper Flower Product Image

How to Find Discount Dubs in Massachusetts

When searching for discount eighths in Massachusetts, pay close attention to where you shop. While some dispensaries will offer similar prices on certain products, the prices for different strains and brands can be highly different from one place to the next. Factors like supply and customer demand play a big role in the end cost.

Scope out online menus to get the low-down on current pricing before picking a certain place. Also, when you visit a dispensary in person, always ask the budtender about the daily specials. The best dispensaries will have good deals on spotlighted brands, staff picks, and more.

Get the Best Deals on Dubs at Green Choice Cannabis

Ready to find value eighths that won’t break the bank? Come visit us at Green Choice Cannabis and we’ll take care of you. Our cannabis collection is one of the best in the state, and we’ve always got a good deal on the menu. By the way, you can check out our menu and order ahead for quick pickup if you are in a rush.

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